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HundredX Survey Fundraiser

Registration - Step By Step Help


Anyone in the US (18 years or older) can sign up for the program by doing one of the following sign-up methods:


  1. Online through this link:

  2. Text “PLAY” to 90412 on their phones


Enter Name and information


Click the Please Share button for this question:

Please share my name and email with the Benefitting Organization, so they know I participated in the program supporting them (without your consent, Benefitting Organization may not be able to acknowledge your participation): *

***When you sign up you must press the “Please Share” button under this question or your survey’s will not count!!!!


Which organization are you supporting? *



There are two options to select next: 


Which Player are you supporting*

This can be filled out with who ever 


Which team are you supporting? *

You must fill both out so that we know where raised funds and raffle tickets will be counted towards


**There is an option to support the club as a whole under JASA General Support


Once you are registered check your email or preferred method for communication (text, email) and use the link to begin taking surveys.




You can only take 25 surveys a day (and 75 total)


Quality feedback should take between 60-90 seconds.  So please take your time or else it may not count if you go to fast


Each Survey that is completed and is deemed quality is rewarded $1


The Club will get daily reports Starring May 8th about how much we have raised and by which teams / individual players are being supported


I'm worried about the privacy of my data - are we going to get a bunch of ads after this? Absolutely not. Your information is kept private and not shared with third parties. Only your ethnicity, gender, age range, and zip code will be associated with your responses and those will be generalized so no one will ever be able to know your individual responses.



How does the survey work?


You can watch a video here on how the surveys work




Raffle Prizes

Multiple raffle prizes including opportunities for 2 families to win free and/or discounted Fall 2023 registrations, JASA Gear and more


  • ONE Free Fall 2023 registration and TWO ($200) discounted Fall 2023 registrations for a player, (1 raffle entry for every 25 surveys taken in support of said player)

  • Everyone who participates will be eligible for One of Five JASA T-shirts (1 raffle entry per participant




Remember 50% of everything that you raise goes to your team!!

If you have any questions you can email us at


JASA Board

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