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Shed Fundraiser

We are asking you and our JASA community to help raise funds and contribute to the shed and installation. This is your chance to support our JASA coaches and teams and make a positive impact.  ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Donate NOW and to show our thanks, we will include a gift.


  • Under $50 donation earns you a JASA sticker.

  • $50 donation includes a practice jersey (every $50 increment donation gets you another jersey)

  • $500 donation includes a 4x6 acknowledgement (family/company name) on the outside of the shed

  • $1000 donation includes an 8x12 acknowledgement on the outside of the shed

                                                                               GOAL: $5,000 (currently raised  $4,250)


Paypal: (Make sure to send to a friend)

Venmo: @jasarwc (Confirmation number 2367)

Checks: Make out to “JASA RWC - DV8” and mail to 544 Hillside Road Redwood City, Ca 94062

Cash to: Renee Schwall

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